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History of SMC

The history of SMC GROUP has its roots dated back to the 1971. Sri B. Nagaraju was the founder of SMC Group. We were first introduced to the local market as a Small Business Entrepreneur that operated as a sole proprietorship concern, under the name SRI MANJUNATHA CANVASSING Followed by B. N. ASHOK KUMAR and B. NIRANJAN from 1999.

Meeting the needs and demands of consumers today. resulted in our rapid growth and we made a name in the market for providing quality rice with consistency.

Today, we at SMC GROUP commit to achieve customer satisfaction with quality, quantity, services and are delighted to provide consumers fine food with rice of unmatched quality, sourced from the river belts of Tungabhadra and Krishna and other prime rice growing areas in India.

We work with partner food companies and respond to the needs of our customers to ensure that nothing but the very best rice and rice products enamor your table, making every meal of the day, fulfilling and cherishing.All of this evolves from a dedicated team involved.

SMC group has emerged as an enterprise with very strong and dynamic fundamentals. And there’s only one way things are going to be – better and better!